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08 Mar 2022 | Industry Insights

Why does my building need a visitor management system?

Why does my building need a visitor management system?

The majority of companies will welcome visitors onto their premises. In the past, this process has been handled via manual processes such as using a visitor book. As our buildings are becoming smarter and more integrated with technology, there is a more efficient way to manage this process and that is called a visitor management system.

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a technology that tracks the people who are entering your building. Historically, visitor management systems consisted of a sign-in sheet placed on reception and users would write down their name and what time they signed in and out.

Staff members then have to let their colleagues know when someone is waiting in the lobby and at some point, the sign-in sheet gets filed away or discarded and the process carries on. Not only is this method not environmentally friendly, but it is inefficient. On top of this, it is desirable to look innovative and modern with the latest technology.

Integrating with a digital visitor management system replaces the conventional system and allows building owners to track the movement of people around their building as well as giving them greater access to functions and operations.

Twinview has its very own built-in visitor management system which connects to all other systems. It even connects to existing visitor management systems if one is already in place.

Visitor management systems can also be used by tenants to improve their experience within the workplace. Twinview has recently launched Smartview which goes one step further and gives users access to a range of features aimed at increasing workplace productivity.

Not only can users track the number of people entering a building, but it also aims to improve how they manage their day by letting them book meeting rooms, personalise the lighting and temperature of their workspace, order food from the café and even get live updates for weather and transport.

Why does my building need a visitor management system?

Why are visitor management systems important?

Implementing a visitor management system gives building owners the maximum amount of control over their premises providing a safe environment for employees with full control and visibility of everyone in and out of a site.

Simplifying the process of managing visitors makes it easier to search for their information instead of going through multiple pages of information. Unlike having the receptionist spend time managing the information, digital software such as Twinview can save time and efficiently keep a record of movement within the building.

Visitor management systems are crucial to the modern workplace. They create streamlined and enjoyable experiences for staff and visitors by keeping everyone safe and securely managing personal data whilst making building processes more efficient.


What are the benefits of visitor management systems?

  • Improve digital efficiency – give users greater control over building functions such as room booking and hot desking. With Smartview, employees can control their day from their smartphone app.
  • Improve workplace safety – increase security by having real-time insights into who is currently in the building.
  • Improve employee wellbeing – better manage bookings and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 by not having to manually sign in and out.
  • Improve employee productivity – employees can easily plan daily activities using Smartview. Keep up to date with news, order food, book rooms, personalise spaces, raise issues, call lifts and even select what music to play.
Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector connecting building systems’ data to a 3D model viewed on a single dashboard. Twinview is committed to delivering value and making a positive difference to your business. Learn how Twinview can optimise operational performance, increase sustainability, increase productivity and improve space utilisation.

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