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01 Mar 2022 | Platform

Twinview launches innovative tenant experience app, Smartview

Twinview are excited to announce the launch of Smartview, our very own tenant experience app. 

After months of development, Smartview has been created to enhance and improve the occupier experience by giving them access to a range of innovative features aimed at increasing workplace productivity. 

As our buildings become smarter, tenant experience apps are expected to play a key part in the control and management of a building’s operations. 

Smartview aims to make a positive impact on a tenant’s day, space, how they operate within their city, how they communicate with their colleagues and how they report on building issues and repairs. 

Using the Smartview app, tenants can keep up to date with the latest news, order food from the café, interact with and personalise their workspace with regards to temperature and lighting. Get live updates for weather and transport links whilst receiving special offers and discounts for third party vendors in your area. 

Book a meeting room, call a lift or even select which playlist you would like to play in the background. When an issue arises, use Smartview to ask for assistance with anything from a broken laptop to a leaky tap and be notified when progress has been made and the issue resolved. 

Get to know Smartview

My Day lets users take control of their working day by making it easier to plan their daily activities. Access a range of features such as keeping up to date with the latest company news, ordering food from the cafe or receiving rewards from local shops. Users can book a yoga session, time in the gym, or charge their electric bike.

My Space lets users interact and personalise their workspace, giving them an optimised working environment. Improve your space utilisation and adapt to a post-covid world by checking room availability, booking, and hot-desking. Improve productivity by ordering tea and coffee direct to your meeting room with personalised lighting and temperature control. Call lifts, gain access to spaces with your mobile device, monitor air quality, and even select a playlist.

My City allows users to see what is happening in the world around them. Get weather, transport and news updates. Receive discounts from shops, restaurants and restaurants in the area.

My Friends. With my friends, smartview users can build groups and connect to others in their company or building. Arrange a meeting with a colleague or book lunch with a friend in the cafe. Arrange after-work drinks or a trip to the theatre.

My Help allows building users to ask for assistance with anything from a laptop not working to a leaky tap. With notifications, you are kept up to date with progress and updated when the issue has been closed out.

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