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Property Optimisation

Improve Occupier Experience & Reduce Energy Costs

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Newcastle University
Urban Sciences

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What is Twinview?

The Twinview Digital Twin brings all of your property information together into a single platform allowing you to access all of your operational data with a personalised dashboard.

It connects IoT devices, FM software, O&M information to a Building Information Model, all of which can be accessed in a web browser from anywhere at any time.

Using machine learning, Twinview simulates, predicts and optimises a building's performance to reduce costs and carbon whilst improving user experience.

Integrate your property's intelligence on a single platform

A digital golden thread.

Recorded maintenance decisions and changes through occupation.

Improve occupier experience.

Provide your tenants with the information and control they need.

Optimise energy use.

Achieve optimal performance with accessible data and control.

Reduce operational costs.

Better understand building performance to minimise waste and reduce costs.

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