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Smart Buildings Toolkit

Dive into the future of building operations with Twinview's revolutionary Smart IoT Buildings tool. This state-of-the-art tool is engineered to transform static assets into dynamic, smart buildings through seamless integrations with the BMS and IoT sensors. Picture having real-time insights into your building performance displayed on intuitive dashboards. By harnessing the power of our Smart Buildings tool, you are not simply managing assets; you are pioneering the future of smart building technology.

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Why Choose Twinview?

Real-Time Dashboards, Reports and Insights

Experience the power of real-time performance analysis for your building. With our comprehensive suite of fully customisable reports and interactive dashboards, you gain unparalleled insights into the key metrics and trends that drive efficiency and productivity. Stay on top of every aspect with detailed data visualisations and actionable recommendations. Unlock the full potential of your building's performance today!

Why Choose Twinview?

IoT & BMS Integration

Effortlessly integrate your Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Building Management System (BMS), and third-party data into a centralised platform. By doing so, you can consolidate and analyse all the relevant information to gain a comprehensive understanding of building performance. This comprehensive view allows you to make informed decisions and optimise efficiency, ensuring optimal operation and maintenance of your building.

Why Choose Twinview?

Interactive Heatmaps

Empower yourself with the ability to visualise your data with the use of our user-friendly and interactive heatmaps. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions like never before. Experience the seamless integration and unmatched convenience our solution provides.

Why Choose Twinview?

Full Portfolio Analysis

You have the capability to conduct a comprehensive building performance analysis across multiple buildings within your portfolio at the same time, or your analysis can be done on each individual building, each individual floor, or even assess specific assets within a building. With the flexibility to choose, you can gather valuable insights to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your properties.

Why Choose Twinview?

Create a Data Repository

Unlike traditional Building Management Systems (BMS), which don't store historical data of your buildings over time, our innovative solution goes above and beyond. With our data repository, you store valuable insights into the performance and efficiency of your buildings over their full lifespan, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

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Twinview & Great Portland Estates

The Hickman: Case Study

"For us, the exciting thing about the digital twin is to really understand how a building is used and how to predict energy. The more we learn, the more we measure, the more we can improve and we're always looking to improve."

James Pellatt
Director of Workplace and Innovation

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