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Golden Thread Toolkit

Elevate your construction process with Twinview's revolutionary Golden Thread tool. This cutting-edge solution empowers all stakeholders involved in the construction process with a seamless way to create and maintain a digital thread of data, ensuring compliance and handover requirements are easily met. Rest assured that with Twinview's Golden Thread tool, your building data is up-to-date and compliant in the face of ever-changing legislation.

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Integrated Golden Thread Log

To enhance project management efficiency, it is crucial to establish and consistently maintain an integrated golden thread log across all stages of your building projects. This log serves as a comprehensive documentation system that seamlessly records crucial details throughout construction and operation, mitigating the risk of miscommunication or data loss. By implementing this framework, you can streamline your workflows and ensure a higher level of transparency and accountability throughout your project lifecycle.

Why Choose Twinview?

Mobile Access

Easily access and seamlessly manage your Golden Thread log from anywhere and at any time, thanks to our convenient mobile access feature. Stay connected to your progress, goals, and achievements with the flexibility of accessing your log on the go.

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The Hickman: Case Study

"For us, the exciting thing about the digital twin is to really understand how a building is used and how to predict energy. The more we learn, the more we measure, the more we can improve and we're always looking to improve."

James Pellatt
Director of Workplace and Innovation

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