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Better understand the performance of your building.

Make smarter building decisions by integrating all your dispersed data sources into Twinview's Digital Twin to manage the performance of your building, before, during and post-construction.

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Why Choose Twinview?

Get real-time dashboard reporting.

No longer do you need to wait till the end of the month, quarter or year to understand the performance of your building.  Get a real-time view of all your key building performance KPIs through our simple and intuitive reporting dashboard.

Why Choose Twinview?

Take your first step to achieving Net-Zero.

Remove the stress of how to achieve Net-Zero through our cutting-edge Carbon Footprint feature.  Providing intelligent reporting and actionable insights to help you to take the first steps to achieve Net Zero.

Why Choose Twinview?

Manage your buildings full lifecycle.

With Twinview you can manage all stages of the built environment from design concept to project delivery, operation, optimisation and facility management with ease.

Why Choose Twinview?

Implement pre-emptive building maintenance.

Manage your building effortlessly with our automated maintenance features, alerting you to potential issues before they become critical and optimising your building's day-to-day operation through our Facility Management Solution designed to follow the IFMA workflow guidelines.

Why Choose Twinview?

Achieve SmartScore building certification.

Create a building to be proud of with our SmartScore-accredited Building Intelligence platform designed to help you achieve the building certification you deserve.

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Twinview & Great Portland Estates

The Hickman: Case Study

"For us, the exciting thing about the digital twin is to really understand how a building is used and how to predict energy. The more we learn, the more we measure, the more we can improve and we're always looking to improve."

James Pellatt
Director of Workplace and Innovation

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