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06 Jun 2023 | Industry Insights

How Digital Twins are Revolutionising Predictive Maintenance in the Real Estate Industry

How Digital Twins are Revolutionising Predictive Maintenance in the Real Estate Industry

Predictive maintenance has always been a vital aspect of the real estate industry, ensuring that buildings and facilities function optimally. 

The advent of digital twins has ushered in a new era in predictive maintenance, revolutionising the industry by offering unprecedented levels of insight and analysis. In this insight article, we will delve into what digital twins are, their function in the field of building maintenance, and how they are transforming the real estate industry.

What are Digital Twins?

Digital twins are a cutting-edge tool that can revolutionise how we monitor, analyse, and simulate physical systems and assets. These virtual replicas are created using real-time data collected from sensors connected to the modelled equipment or system.

Originally used in manufacturing and aerospace, this technology has since expanded to the real estate industry, offering numerous benefits to building maintenance and processes. With digital twins, property owners and facilities managers can address real-time maintenance challenges and make data-driven decisions to keep their properties running smoothly. 

How can a Digital Twin improve predictive maintenance?

Using digital twins in predictive maintenance produces a more efficient approach in several ways. Through advanced algorithms, applications, and analytics, digital twins provide optimisation opportunities.

These provisions reduce the need for costly and time-consuming physical inspections, and with asset operational data readily available at any given time, management can detect and rectify issues before they become critical. 

Employing digital twins in predictive maintenance has been shown in a recent report by McKinsey to;

✅ Reduce equipment downtime, increasing availability by 5 to 15%
✅ Increase equipment lifespans, and
✅ Reduce maintenance costs by 18 to 25%

While also uncovering hidden inefficiencies in systems and assets, leading to improved energy efficiency and substantial cost savings without impacting productivity.

Is this the start of smarter facilities management?

Digital twins not only allow for a more proactive approach to maintenance, as they can predict when maintenance is required but they can also;

✅ Schedule it accordingly with the relevant maintenance teams,
✅ Provide the engineer with all the relevant manuals and maintenance documentation, including when repairs were last completed and by who, and
✅ Provide the engineer with the specific location of the asset, and whether any specialist equipment is required to access/complete the repair.

With digital twins, businesses can stay ahead of maintenance needs and keep their operations running smoothly, leading to improved user experiences and increased occupant safety.

By integrating a digital twin, building operators can now take full advantage of predictive maintenance, using data analytics to identify potential issues before they become critical. By doing so, they can ensure that their buildings are always operating at peak performance, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.

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