02 May 2022 | Industry Insights

How can tickets optimise operational performance in my building?

How can tickets optimise operational performance in my building?

What are tickets?

Tickets on Twinview is a very useful facilities management tool utilised by building owners and managers to keep track of all issues in their spaces.

Tickets can cover all sorts of operational issues such as broken assets, vandalism or health and safety risks like broken glass or spilt liquid.

How do tickets impact facility managers?

Integrating the role of facilities management with technology will massively improve the way facility managers work. Digitalising the process makes everything easier and more efficient. Facility managers can even raise tickets on the go as Twinview is not only a browser-based platform, but it can be used on a mobile or tablet too.

Users have the ability to scroll through the list of tickets and can even click on one to learn about it in more detail. Add attachments such as images if you want to visualise the problem or to point it out to others.

Users can also communicate on individual tickets like they are sending text messages. This can help to get to the bottom of an issue or to delegate responsibilities. On top of this, the tickets can be sorted by priority ensuring that the most urgent issues get resolved first. They can also be sorted by category such as broken items, IT issues, faults or general.

What are the benefits of using tickets?

  • More efficient operations – having access to tickets on a smartphone or tablet means that facility managers can keep track of all issues when on the go and it should stop them from forgetting to report on anything.
  • Minimise loss – keeping a digital log of everything means that nothing will be lost like it could be if it was paper-based.
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