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01 Nov 2021 | Industry Insights

Digital twins to play key role at COP26

As COP26 enters its first week, world leaders are gathering for the biggest climate summit of its kind.

Experts and industry leaders want digital twin technology to be top of the agenda of the event that will run for two weeks between 31st October and 12th November. 

With the climate crisis deepening, digital twins are being tipped as a key aid in preventing the acceleration of global warming and key figures want the technology to be discussed at the Glasgow summit. 

Keep 1.5 alive

The biggest challenge facing the COP26 delegation is ensuring that the planet reaches Net Zero by mid-century as well as keeping a global temperature of 1.5 degrees within reach. Leading nations have been asked to bring ambitious 2030 emissions reduction targets to Scotland in order to align with these goals. 

For us to achieve Net Zero, countries across the world will need to phase out the use of coal, curtail deforestation and decarbonise our urban environments whilst increasing investment in renewable energy. Progress is being made; however, science is showing that the current rate is not enough and much more must be done. This is where digital twins can play their part. 

Experts have identified that cities and urban areas will be the key emissions battlefield as buildings within cities worldwide are currently responsible for 70% of global carbon emissions. 

A recent report compiled by Ernst & Young found that digital twins can help reduce carbon emissions by 50-100% within buildings as well as reducing operating costs by 35% and boosting productivity and efficiency by 20%. This has led to major cities from around the world adopting digital twin technology. 

COP26 may well be the last best hope for the world in protecting the planet as emissions are still on the rise in countries rather than reducing. We are approaching a critical point in the lead up to 2030, if not enough is done within the next decade there may be no chance of meeting long-term targets such as the Paris Agreement. 

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