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18 Oct 2021 | Industry Insights

Commercial energy consumption on the rise

The rate of growth in UK commercial energy consumption since the 1970s has been approximately three times greater than that of the domestic sector and is expected to continue this trajectory and rise quicker than all other sectors excluding transport. 

Floor space has increased, as has energy intensity and demand for air conditioning has grown rapidly, all of which are associated with dramatic rises in carbon emissions. Readily available technologies such as Twinview’s digital twin have been identified as solutions to achieve significant and cost-effective CO2 savings. 

Positive action is impeded by the barriers that exist within the commercial property sector, like the conflict of interests between landlords and tenants as well as poor information. Twinview solves this problem by storing all of the real-time data a building generates and using it to optimise its performance. 

There are several reasons to explain the rising energy prices within the commercial property sector, one of which is behavioural changes have placed a greater demand on energy services. 

The UK is currently going through an energy crisis after an uptake in global gas demand this year as the world emerges from COVID-19 lockdowns with economies reopening. 

This demand has caused wholesale prices to skyrocket – up 70 per cent since August and 250 per cent since the beginning of the year. This has led to energy efficiency becoming more important than ever. 

Twinview improves the energy efficiency of commercial buildings through the use of artificial intelligence that learns how a building expends energy over time collating all of the data onto a single and intuitive dashboard. 

This lets building owners monitor individual or entire portfolio performance relating to operations such as heating, lighting and cooling before coming up with strategies to move the property closer to Net Zero. 

By unlocking access to a building’s data, Twinview ensures building operators can make more informed decisions around decarbonisation and energy usage. 

Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector connecting building systems’ data to a 3D model viewed on a single dashboard. Twinview becomes your first step to achieving Net Zero by providing continuous live data and an optimised building performance whilst reducing costs and improving the user experience. Book a demo today.

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