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04 Nov 2021 | Industry Insights

Analysing your building

Our Analytics module offers real-time insights into your property’s data at a building, room or equipment level. Analyse building performance and reduce carbon and operational costs whilst improving the end-user experience.

Flexible reporting provides regular updates and analysis of building performance to all stakeholders. 

Data insights and analytics 

Twinview provides unrivalled access to the data your building produces. It connects to existing Building Management Systems (BMS) or individual assets without the need for expensive additional hardware. 

This information is then aggregated onto a single platform that offers unique insights and analytics into the performance of your building relating to operations such as HVAC, lighting and cooling. 

Portfolio and room dashboards 

Twinview displays siloed data on its unique and intuitive dashboards feature where the user can choose what information they would like to see. Dashboards offer building owners and facility managers the ability to federate and report on data from a single building, room or across multiple projects allowing them to analyse the data, identifying patterns to improve a building’s operation. 

Room heatmapping 

One of Twinview’s latest features that is included in the Analytics module is room heatmapping. Essentially, this enables the user to better understand how heat is moving throughout a room or building by visualising it in real time or by playback. 

Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector connecting building systems’ data to a 3D model viewed on a single dashboard. Twinview becomes your first step to achieving Net Zero by providing continuous live data and an optimised building performance whilst reducing costs and improving the user experience. Book a demo today.

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