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With access to all the features in both Access and Manage but providing the ability to view real-time insights into your property's performance at building, room or asset level. Twinview can integrate with your existing asset and buildings systems, or for older properties, help integrate the appropriate hardware.

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Monitor your assets' live status

Watch the current status of any asset with an assigned data stream, whether you're measuring temperature, humidity, speed or any other available data. Monitor allows you to conduct a virtual inspection, saving time and helping diagnose any issues, without leaving your seat.

Add new data streams instantly

You can add a new data stream to an asset in just a couple of clicks. Twinview's data stream process and implementation is designed to be user-friendly, so you can work independently with new equipment. After your initial training, you will be able to add new equipment and devices in minutes.

Understand your building's data

Modern buildings are smart and are constantly monitoring and collecting data whether that's a BMS, a lighting control system or a fire alarm - generally, all these systems are silos with separate systems and logins. By bringing this data together into a single platform, not only can you visualise but you can analyse the data and spot patterns to improve your building's operation.

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