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Twinview Field Mobile App

Twinview Field gives you access to the same powerful features as on the desktop, including Access, Manage, Monitor and Capture, making your asset data available at your fingertips, including all documents and O&M infomation.

Integrated QR Code Scanner

Twinview Field has a built-in QR code manager and scanner, giving you powerful tools to deploy QR codes across all your assets, spaces and equipment. Recall Asset Data by simply pointing your camera at a discreet QR code attached to the equipment.

Built-in Beacon Support

Twinview has built-in Bluetooth beacon support, allowing for quick and easy onboarding of Bluetooth beacons. With support for Generic BLE, iBeacon and Eddystone, combined with our Mobile Field app, this opens up exciting new features such as automatic location and the tracking of assets and/or people in your building.

Login Screen
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Project Overview
App Menu
Asset Details
Access Asset Documentation
Access Asset Documentation
Access IOT Data Streams
Access IOT Data Streams
O&M Document Vault
View, Action and Raise Tickets
View, Action and Raise Issues
View and Manage Maintenance Jobs
Equipment and Consumables
Capture Surveying Tool
Capture Surveying Tool