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14 Feb 2020 | Industry Insights

What are the Gemini Principles?

The Gemini Principles are a group of values set out by the Centre for Digital Built Britain to aid the development of a National Digital Twin (NDT).

The idea of a National Digital Twin means that ‘federations’ of individual digital twins will be joined together by securely shared data. By connecting digital twins across sectors, the infrastructure in our cities will benefit immensely. This doesn’t mean that every single digital twin will be ‘federated’ though, this will only apply when it provides value.

An Information Management Framework will need to be adhered to by all participating organisations, but this can be done without their data being used as part of the NDT.

To guide the development of the NDT and IM Framework, nine values have been set out by the Centre for Digital Built Britain. These values are known as the ‘Gemini Principles.’

By setting out these values from the beginning of the process, it will make it a lot easier for the industry to share their information further down the line.

All asset owners and leaders across the built environment should take these principles into account when developing their digital twin.

The Gemini Principles:


Public Good

Value Creation


Digital Twins must provide benefit to the general public, enable improvement in performance while creating value and must provide real insight into the built environment.





Trust is a major part of the idea behind the National Digital Twin. A Digital Twin must enable security and be secure in itself, it must be as open as possible and transparent as possible and built using legitimately good quality data.





Finally, a Digital Twin must function effectively. A federation of digital twins must be based on a standard connected environment, there must be clear ownership of the twin, as well as clear governance and regulation. There is also a requirement for digital twins to adapt as the available technology continuously evolves.