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04 Jun 2021

Utilising PropTech post-pandemic

As we emerge from the grips of the pandemic, the commercial real estate industry will heavily rely on PropTech solutions to adapt and grow in the coming years. The utilisation of PropTech will see building developers, construction companies and property managers create efficient and sustainable workplaces for employees. 

In terms of real estate, PropTech creates value that achieves efficiency and cost savings. It has led to a movement and shift in mentality within the sector as it looks to tech-driven innovation to help design and operate the buildings and cities of the future. 

Refurbishing existing buildings provides a great opportunity to improve their energy performance. Retrofits tend to involve modifications that improve the efficiency of energy performance and/or decreasing the demand for energy, therefore, emissions will be lower and cost reduced. 

Another advantage of retrofitting is the option of installing distributed generation. Again, this will reduce the operational costs, particularly in older buildings, whilst attracting new tenants and offering companies a market edge. 

Smart buildings 

This is essentially a technology-based platform that facilitates the operation and management of real estate assets. It can provide information regarding building performance and/or control building services. 

In a post-pandemic world, the importance of creating safe, healthy and welcoming workplaces is vital. Innovation in shading and lighting levels, indoor air quality and filtration, personalised thermal comfort and building configuration go far to support these efforts. 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 

An issue that is taking on more and more importance. PropTech will play a key role in helping commercial real estate to meet sustainability standards. Growth in these investments is on the rise and it is expected that investors and building owners/operators who incorporate ESG principles will benefit from long-term value. 

Digital twins 

Digital twins such as Twinview are the epitome of PropTech solutions due to the increased accessibility and lower cost of IoT devices. Twinview can improve the efficiency of facilities management through its use of QR codes and Bluetooth beacon technology, the user has the ability to quickly locate assets within a particular area of a building by scanning an asset or standing in a specific space. Below are some other examples. 

Managers and operators can assess whether a space is performing in a sustainable way and if not, identify areas of improvement. 

Occupants can access and monitor in real-time functions such as indoor air quality data. 

Owners are equipped with comprehensive data and are therefore enabled to see trends, become highly responsive and find cost-savings. 

The data helps ensure that legal compliance with regulations is rigorously affected. 

Twinview moves your building closer to Net Zero by unlocking data and using artificial intelligence to identify trends and opportunities. Book a demo today to find out how Twinview can help you reduce your building’s carbon footprint and operational costs whilst improving efficiency and occupier experience.