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06 Oct 2021 | Industry Insights

Using Twinview to reduce carbon and costs

Rising carbon emissions have led to a deepening climate crisis that governments must address to bring greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050.  

The UK's built environment accounts for 40% of total carbon emissions. The most significant challenge is addressing existing buildings, with 80% of the buildings in 2050 already existing today. 

Digital Twin platforms play an essential part in achieving net-zero ambitions. Many new buildings constantly monitor and collect data via their Building Management System (BMS). Such systems are typically isolated and challenging to access. 

Rob Charlton, CEO of Twinview, said: “A digital twin helps building owners develop an understanding of the physics that impact on the performance of their building. IoT devices can be connected to Twinview, giving building owners and managers access to analytics which can provide useful insights of building performance." 

Twinview integrates existing assets and building systems. Data is brought together and viewed in a 3D model and dashboard. Users can monitor individual buildings or entire portfolios with a breakdown of energy use and associated costs for the different functions within a space such as lighting, heating and cooling. 

The browser-based platform is accessed from any device, whether it be desktop, tablet or mobile. The latter utilises QR codes and Bluetooth beacon functionality to allow facility managers to be more efficient in their roles by accessing asset information instantly, such as scheduling assets for downtime and maintenance at a more cost-effective time when multiple repairs can be carried out at the same time.

Twinview allows assets, buildings, and infrastructure to communicate with each other, actively using the data to learn, simulate and optimise. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Twinview identifies patterns relating to carbon use which empowers decision-makers to implement methods to move a building closer to Net Zero and reduce operational costs. Twinview predicts energy use for up to 12-months in the future based on current consumption. 

Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector connecting building systems' data to a 3D model viewed on a single dashboard. Twinview becomes your first step to achieving Net Zero by providing continuous live data and optimising building performance whilst reducing costs and improving the user experience. Book a demo today.

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