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11 Jan 2021 | Platform

Twinview launches new features for 2021

We have launched two new innovative features in January 2021 to provide even more tools for building owners and operators to optimise building performance and improve business outcomes.

Twinview Field is the new mobile app for Twinview.

Web-based up until now, Twinview has always been available across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones, however, with our new Twinview Field native app for iOS and Android, it improves this experience further and adds some brand new functionality.

Twinview Field gives you access to the same powerful features as on the desktop, including Access, Manage, Monitor and Capture. Your asset data is also available at your fingertips and includes all documents.

You can now raise tickets and issues directly in the mobile app and use your mobile phone camera to attach a photo. Your maintenance operatives can access and complete their maintenance jobs while in the Field, all while having the associated information at hand.

With Monitor enabled on your project, you can also view all your real-time data streams and understand what is happening in your building in real-time, all from your mobile. With Capture enabled on your project, you can undertake surveys and data collection while in the field.

As well as mirroring the powerful functionality seen in our web/desktop platform, the new Field app allows us to add some exciting new features. Firstly, we have introduced a QR code manager and scanner, allowing you to use your phone's camera to quickly pull up information on an asset, room or piece of equipment. Secondly, we have also introduced Bluetooth Beacon technology, which allows the app to be ‘location-aware’ when inside your building, for example, if you are in the plant room and you go to your asset list, it will automatically filter to show the assets nearest to you.

This is just the beginning for Twinview Field, as we add new functionality and features to the Twinview platform, these will also be available in the mobile Field app.

Twinview is available now for iPhone from the Apple iOS App Store and for Android from the Google Play Store. Simply search 'Twinview' to download.

Introducing Dashboards

While Twinview has always had dashboards for things like FM on a project, until now, they were only available to show data on a single project and what was shown on the dashboard was designed for a specific purpose, such as facilities management.

The ability for users to federate and report on data across multiple projects at an organisation level, as well as the ability for users to create their own custom dashboards inside of Twinview has been a popular request and based on this feedback we have added this functionality in our latest update. Users can now create their own dashboards for their own requirements and can include data sources from across multiple projects. This means every user is able to create dashboards that are custom to their own specific needs.  

The new dashboards can be accessed and created from the project screen and we have created a bunch of useful default widgets that make it easy to show data from across your projects, and these are available in our widget library. We are also enabling Twinview customers to create their own bespoke widgets from their own external data sources.   

This is only the beginning for dashboards, we will be adding more functionality as well as additional widgets over time as we continue to develop and add new features to Twinview.