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21 Nov 2023 | Industry Insights

Twinview Joins Industry Leaders at the _shift 2023 Conference

Twinview Joins Industry Leaders at the _shift 2023 Conference

Our parent company, Space Group, hosts an annual _shift conference that brings together industry leaders and professionals from around the world to discuss the latest strategies and innovations in decarbonising the built environment. Held on November 9th in Newcastle upon Tyne, this year's conference was a tremendous success, with hundreds of attendees joining in-person and online.

Neil Hancock, CMO at Twinview, explains, "The _shift 2023 Conference is more than just an event; it's a gathering of visionaries and trailblazers with a mission of inspiring thought-provoking discussions and catalysing transformative action."

The event featured exceptional speakers and panellists who shared their insights on a range of topics, from circular economy adoption to inspirational leadership and corporate responsibility. Some of the distinguished speakers who presented their insights and experiences were renowned UK environmentalist Jonathon Porritt CBE, Gabe Davies from Patagonia, an influential figure in sustainable fashion, and Chris Hines MBE, the former Sustainability Director at the Eden Project, who chaired _shift and lent his expertise to enrich the conversations of the panels.

Chris Smeaton, Digital Capability Director at KEO, a close partner and friend of us here at Twinview, also presented at this year's conference. Speaking on digital twins in action, Chris touched on smart cities and the UAE sustainability agenda, highlighting the benefits of having a greater understanding of a building, its surroundings, energy use, and carbon emissions. Chris's key takeaways were a great food for thought:

  • As designers, the power is with you.
  • Digital tools have a key part to play.
  • Look into innovative ways to tackle these challenges.
  • There is an opportunity to diversify your business.

The final panel of the day was particularly noteworthy as it focused on the role of technology in decarbonising the built environment. Chaired by Chris Hines, the panel featured two founders of data-led companies, Tom Bunn of re:new and Phanos Hadjikyriakou of 2050 Materials, along with Catherine Sinclair, a Northumbria University KTP Associate and specialist Net Zero Architect of SPACE Architects. The panellists' insights centred on building a better future through innovative technology, data-driven solutions, and increasing awareness of environmentally friendly alternatives.

The discussion was both insightful and thought-provoking, touching on topics such as the protocols and policies that must be set out to improve built environment processes, as well as the direction the industry must take to improve its low-carbon imperatives. The panellists also emphasised the need for greater collaboration and transparency between industries, highlighting the importance of working together to achieve a common goal.

In his concluding remarks, Rob Charlton, CEO of Space Group, emphasised the collective power and responsibility to contribute towards saving the planet and motivating others in the industry to follow suit. The _shift conference left attendees with a renewed sense of urgency, empowerment, and inspiration to lead the charge in their respective businesses.

It's worth noting that Phanos Hadjikyriakou of 2050 Materials, who partook in this year's panel, met with Neil from the Twinview team for our latest episode of Twinview Talks. The episode interviews Phanos and discusses "How Data Helps Cut Carbon in AECO" - how the AECO industry can address its carbon challenges, and what role data plays in unlocking those for us.

Keep an eye out for our more Twinview talks being released shortly, and for those who missed _shift 2023, you can rewatch our livestream here.

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