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25 Oct 2022 | Industry Insights

The Future of Sustainability in Real Estate - Part 2

The Real Estate sector is facing big questions about sustainability. How enterprises respond will determine the future of the industry and the fight against climate change. By investing in people, digital and more sustainable methods and technologies, the industry will bear efficient projects and create a more sustainable built environment that inspires and helps secure everyone's future.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are the key measures of a business's sustainability and societal impact. Recognising the fatal percentage that the built environment is responsible for 40% of the world's CO₂ emissions, the real estate sector must act to recast that percentage and combat environmental threats. Further rousing action, incoming legislation and intrinsic motivations, such as increased pressure from investors and tenants, have and will continue to prompt numerous companies to implement sustainable strategies and greener operations in their buildings. 

Lasting change comes when socially responsible practices are woven into the fabric of a company's operations.

According to The World Built Environment Forum,

"key areas of focus are the reduction of energy consumption, the protection of natural resources as well as the provision of a healthy and well-being working environment."

Digital innovations designed for the real estate sector enable property teams to decrease their carbon footprint and maximise resources while enhancing occupiers' experience and reducing costs. PropTech empowers users to make effective decisions and positive change by generating, collating and organising building data.

Ensuring a building meets its full potential will be necessary to fulfil business sustainability targets. Data will need to take centre stage in the "race to zero", as the first step to ESG excellence is accurately tracking and reporting carbon waste and energy usage. Alongside data and accurately measuring building performance comes optimisation and efficiency. Efficiency has become synonymous with sustainability as streamlined processes reduce energy consumption and waste.

Twinview is working to enhance the real estate industry based on a rapidly changing digital landscape. This article will focus on Twinview and its unique opportunity to reduce a building's energy consumption and overall carbon footprint through the optimisation of operations and processes. 

Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector that delivers measurable value by increasing sustainability and resiliency, reducing carbon and moving businesses closer to Net-Zero. Embedded with the totality of an estate's information, Twinview's platform is accessible from all devices with an internet connection, meaning multiple users can obtain essential information anytime, anywhere. Facilitating access to a building's digital golden thread and real-time data, Twinview users can keep on top of their building's energy consumption remotely. 

Twinview provides comprehensive insights into a building's performance, identifying opportunities to reduce a building's energy consumption. With integrated IoT sensors and artificial intelligence, the Twinview platform records energy use and positions these results alongside space utilisation data. 

Twinview Dashboards give users the power to create customisable dashboards based on company requirements and goals. Bespoke to business needs, management can prioritise data effectively, focus on their main areas of concern (such as energy usage, identify patterns and work productively to improve building operations. Dashboards provide operations with a complete breakdown of how their building consumes energy regarding functions such as heating, cooling and lighting.

Twinview's Heat Mapping allows owners and facilities managers to unlock their building's potential. This specific presentation of information highlights differences in individual spaces. Heatmapping demonstrates how busy an area is or, even more detailed, how often an asset is used and how energy is consumed or wasted. Providing the basis for users to make decisions about reducing carbon, energy usage in areas presented as "warmer" can be identified and compared to "colder" spaces. This presentation of data amplifies understanding and acts as a guide to reducing energy consumption in quieter spaces.

Twinview IoT devices, QR Codes and Bluetooth Beacons turn any object into a valuable source of information. Harnessing the power of technology, Twinview users scan each asset and pull up relevant documents, performance, and maintenance history with QR codes. With Bluetooth beacons, nearby assets and their information can be streamed instantly to a phone even when QR codes are out of reach. Twinview IoT sensors placed through a building enable property owners to collect data at the building level to regulate systems such as air conditioning and lighting in real-time. With the help of these smart technologies, entire buildings, floor levels, rooms, and assets become connected. The resulting reports provide an accurate, trustable reference point for businesses based on detailed weekly, daily or hourly emission data. Facilities managers can use this helpful information to create provisions surrounding energy-efficient strategies. 

Twinview's Artificial Intelligence continuously monitors and predicts outcomes. AI-linked asset reporting allows facilities managers to notice and act on issues early. With this sophisticated software, building operators can learn and review which assets are underperforming or nearing a breakdown, enabling them to act before resources and energy are wasted. Additionally, based on current usage levels, Twinview employs machine learning to predict how much energy a building might consume in the future and then pinpoints the most competitive energy prices based on real-time market data. 

The Twinview platform brings together these innovative solutions into one user-friendly platform. Twinview's innovative features equip management teams to unlock their building and its assets' potential. As a result, occupants are comfortable, carbon emissions and energy consumption are minimised, and the building no longer wastes precious resources. 

Help shape the vision for the industry. Strengthen and measure your sustainable initiatives with Twinview. Book a demo and discover how to reduce carbon emissions in your building and move closer to net zero. 


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