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29 Sep 2022

The Future of Workplace Productivity

The Future of Workplace Productivity

The future of workplace productivity is a keynote for many businesses in this newly defined digital age. 

Productivity concerns the effective and efficient use of resources in an organisation. Although several contributing factors impact workplace productivity, ultimately, it can be calculated by dividing the value produced by the total cost or time required to achieve the intended outcome.

Productivity has been discussed widely since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while previously, businesses built policies around their on-site workforce, studies show a considerable correlation between hybrid models and increased productivity. Although each working environment brings advantages and disadvantages, hybrid models appear to be the future. As new instances and variables continue to emerge, one thing that remains a requirement is for companies to provide a productive, healthy environment that allows groups of people to work efficiently during any given time. 

Moving forward, companies should pinpoint how they can ensure hybrid working performs for both employees and the business. 

People prefer hybrid working because it is the best of both worlds. With increased flexibility and a more suitable work-life balance, employees are less likely to experience burnout in environments that cater best to their week-on-week schedule. Furthermore, on-site benefits such as effortless access to technology, in-person collaboration, routine, and visibility are each incredibly important to an employee's personal development and productivity. 

Productivity goes hand in hand with job satisfaction, and businesses hoping to boost productivity must be willing to invest in their people. Equally, the design of office spaces is a significant factor affecting workplace productivity.

Maximise employee potential with a workplace designed around people that converges and reflects the following key areas:

  • Comfort: Employees need to feel comfortable in their surroundings to be productive. In a Leesman survey of nearly 136,000 respondents, the top features identified as the most important part of an effective workspace were all directly related to physical comfort: desk, chair, and temperature control. Company equipment and facilities are important aspects of employee comfort levels; if a worker is experiencing discomfort, they will be more distracted. Additionally, the temperature of a room can play a major role in a worker's concentration levels. In a CareerBuilder study, 53% of surveyed employees found themselves less productive when their work environment was too cold. If the majority of employees are uncomfortable in their workplace, there will likely be a significant reduction in output.
  • Collaboration and Culture: The value of on-site and in-person interaction has resurfaced as digital fatigue persists and companies want to rebuild their cultures. Effective workplace design can shape collaboration and strengthen social connections. Feeling part of a team ensures employees feel encouraged, inspired and more visible. Alongside the transition to remote working arrived wait times for responses via emails or video calls. Formerly, finding a colleague to answer a question was as simple as walking over to their desk. Times have changed, however, as Panopto's findings suggest employees spend an average of five hours a week waiting to hear from people with unique knowledge. 
  • Up-To-Date Technology and Security: Several benefits come with adopting innovative software and technology, such as increased employee satisfaction and heightened security. According to a study by Ultimate Software, 92% of employees believe that technology that enables them to do their job more efficiently influences their overall work satisfaction. Being digitally mature helps employees feel assured their work is safe and backed up at all times. Studies have shown workers feel more secure and confident in their roles with integrated cyber security, cloud storage, and digital collaboration tools. 

Companies must continue to readjust their workplaces to boost productivity and cut through modern complexities. 

Independent studies have and continue to exemplify that an employee's work environment can make or break productivity. For instance, a Leaman study discovered that people unhappy with the temperature, air quality, lighting, and noise conditions of their offices, say that this negatively impacts their productivity.

The results of this study stress the importance of the environment in which employees spend their time. For this reason, several businesses have begun integrating innovative technologies such as digital twins and tenant experience apps. 

Digital Twins, with integrated cloud storage, heightened cyber security, and artificial intelligence, can propel workplace productivity into the future. And smarter, more intelligent workplaces not only draw in new talent but also ensure current employees maintain their optimal output and remain assured in their choice of companies. 

These technologies are proven to drive workflows and increase productivity; hence Twinview and its sophisticated tenant experience app, Smartview, enable businesses to cultivate all this and more.

A driving force behind meaningful change, Twinview innovatively employs IoT devices combined with intelligent software to create helpful shortcuts and valuable insights.

Historically, with building asset documentation and manuals kept in filing cabinets in the basement, locating and extracting information was considered laborious and time-consuming. Twinview's navigation solutions and document vault resolve this as on-site or remote personnel can easily and vigorously access data and essential documents. In addition, Twinview's integrated document vault securely stores all your building's information productively in the cloud, meaning your data is safe and protected.

Customisable dashboards give Twinview users the power to prioritise building information bespoke to company and employee needs. With dashboards, management can visualise and analyse real-time data, identify patterns and work productively to improve the building's operation. Not only do the results create a well-ordered workplace, but businesses can save time and money whilst also reducing their carbon output. 

An innovative feature that promotes collaboration between owners, operations, and occupiers is Twinview's built-in ticketing system. Employees feel more comfortable and confident when they know management closely monitors facilities. With Twinview, teams can work together to keep everyone in the building updated and assured of the status of issues or work happening on-site. 

Designed to enhance the occupier experience, Twinview created Smartview. This market-leading tenant experience app has various resourceful features developed to increase workplace productivity.

Smartview aims to positively impact a tenant's day and environment, how they operate within their city, communicate with their colleagues and report on building issues and repairs. 

The Smartview app features are vast. 

  • My Day: My Day lets users plan their daily activities with ease. They can keep up to date with the latest company news, order food from the cafe, book time in the gym or even check the charge on their electric bikes, all from inside the workplace.
  • My Space: Employees can take control and personalise their spaces into their ideal working environments. They can book a meeting room, manage hot desking, call a lift, monitor air quality, or adjust the room's lighting and temperature. Placing control and flexibility back into the hands of employees enables them to create a productive atmosphere where they can thrive.  With smart IoT devices and sensors, the possibilities are extensive and can be custom-built to individual business preferences and requirements.
  • My City: Users can see what is happening and connect with the world around them with My City. For example, tenants receive live updates on weather and transport links whilst acquiring special offers and discounts from third-party vendors in the area.
  • My Friends: With My Friends, Smartview users can build groups and connect to others in their company or building. My Friends creates meeting proposals and opportunities for employees to connect and reach out to one another remotely or on-site.
  • My Help: My help, alongside Twinview's built-in ticketing system, allows building users to identify and ask for assistance from a computer not working to a leaky tap. Further enriching communication and trust in management, Smartview notifications keep everyone up-to-date with the progress and resolution of cases.

By aiding enterprises in maintaining and achieving a comfortable, healthy and safe environment that boosts employee satisfaction, Twinview increases workplace productivity. 

The innovative solutions don't stop there.

Learn more about how you can increase workplace productivity with our advanced digital twin and comprehensive tenant experience app. Book a demo with Twinview and take one step closer to optimising workplace potential.

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