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14 Feb 2020 | Industry Insights

The Future of Property Management

Digital twins have finally brought property management into the 21st century.

Where the industry previously had to rely on mounds of paperwork top keep track of information relating to their buildings, digital twin technology allows for data storage in the cloud. This has played a key part in bringing the practice up to modern standards.

Previously, paper holding crucial information could easily be misplaced, damaged or destroyed – leaving huge amounts of data unaccounted for. This new system of digital record-keeping has completely solved that glaring problem.

By using an exact digital replica of a building, property managers can also test changes on the twin before implementing those changes to the actual building. This improves efficiency by ensuring that managers are making the best possible decisions due to the digital twin’s predictive capabilities.

What are the other benefits of digital twins in facilities management?

  • Remote operation and troubleshooting
  • Reduced energy wastage due to increase in efficiency
  • Enhanced building performance
  • Future performance can be predicted
  • Future failures can be prevented

With digital twins, it’s never been easier to monitor property in real-time. Thanks to the twin’s predictive power, managers can react quicker than ever before to solve and fix any problems that may arise.

Before the twin technology was developed, making decisions on prospective changes to a building was overly time-consuming. Now, all the options can be properly tested and assessed – saving time and significantly reducing operating costs.

The old way of doing things was not fit purpose. It’s time to embrace the future of property management.

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