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27 Oct 2020 | Industry Insights

Supporting local talent - Neville Bulmer

As buildings are becoming smarter, the need for data scientists is becoming greater. That is why here at Twinview we are supporting Neville Bulmer through his PhD at Northumbria University, Newcastle.

Having achieved First-Class Honours in Computer Science, Neville wanted to build upon his success and apply for a Master's degree. His tutor believed in his ability that much that they advised him to go straight for a PhD instead. As luck would have it, Twinview was seeking a postgraduate at the time to research the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Neville has been fascinated by computers since his late teens and enjoys the complexity of the challenge that they present.

Neville commented, “With a PhD, you are left to your own devices to carry out the research and build the prototype. With the environment around us changing every day the solutions will be dynamic in response to the needs within the built environment.”

Neville will be researching energy consumption and predictive maintenance.

Neville continues, “As an example of the type of scenario I will be exploring is the life expectancy of light bulbs, if a room has 4 bulbs and 1 is close to failing, a system will be able to predict when each bulb will fail to allow Twinview to work out the optimal time to send a maintenance person out, in turn, reducing costs.

Neville is very much part of the Twinview team and his role will continue beyond his PhD where he will continue the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence within the Twinview platform.