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23 Nov 2022

Solving Building Problems Using Twinview

The problem: inefficient property management and performance. 
The solution: a comprehensive digital twin that drives efficiencies and combines the most valuable proptech solutions into one rounded, user-friendly platform.

Building problems come in all shapes and sizes, with many enterprises tackling the same problems repeatedly. Sat against a backdrop of increased demand, staff shortages, climbing energy prices, evolving legislation and sustainability targets, building management is a multifaceted ecosystem that requires a culture of principal thinkers and technical innovation to solve these problems for good. 

Recognising this and the multiple mechanisms required to support the functionality and efficiency of a building, Twinview is routed in problem-solving. A driving force behind meaningful change within the property sector, Twinview combines document management, customisable dashboards, cloud storage, IoT technology, and artificial intelligence into a single browser-based platform. All under one roof, this innovative digital twin creates measurable value by optimising performance, increasing productivity, enhancing space utilisation and reducing carbon and costs. As external pressures extend- whether regulatory, political, financial or environmental- by optimising resources and benchmarking building performance, Twinview removes the guesswork and cuts through modern complexities.

The field of property technology is continuously advancing, driving development in the world of real estate and facilities management. In this article, we identify the main building problems of today whilst highlighting Twinview's solution offering. 


The problem: Increased demand paired with staff shortages

Building owners and facilities managers face increased pressure to deliver with expanding workloads and an ever-increasing demand for services. Evidencing this, the latest RICS UK FM Survey 2022 revealed workloads are anticipated to rise further during the year ahead, and recruitment concerns have grown over the past five quarters. As pressure mounts, to-do lists lengthen, and a recruitment drought emerges, inefficient property management and performance are often the consequences.

The solution: Twinview integrates seamlessly into the remit of a facilities management team. Reducing workloads and driving workplace efficiencies, The Twinview platform and its integrated IoT devices provide helpful shortcuts, insights, and automation to help a facilities manager remain ahead, in control, and able to handle increased workloads.


The problem: Rising Energy Bills

Over the years, energy management has stood as a problematic area of facilities management. Up to 50% of all energy wasted in buildings is due to poor management and ineffective operating decisions. This statistic is especially concerning as the built environment is responsible for 42% of all carbon emissions in the UK. While climate change was once the main protagonist, in recent times, the haste toward better energy management has shifted focus due to the ever-increasing energy prices. This constant incline poses a fresh and imminent challenge for building owners and facilities managers.

The solution: Management can greatly bolster their sustainability efforts while enjoying lower operating costs with Twinview. With an ongoing energy crisis, Twinview uses your siloed data to make meaningful changes to a building's energy spend. Operational costs, carbon, waste, and costs are reduced by breaking down data silos and applying changes to asset usage based on real-time data insights. 


The problem: Disorganised building information and documents

Facilities managers are responsible for numerous documents concerning a building's operations. Documents, such as O&M manuals, certificates, drawings, or health and safety files, are historically kept in archaic filing cabinets in the basement. Rarely organised and categorised due to the mass amount of information accumulated over a building's lifespan, it is often laborious and time-consuming when facilities managers look to extract information from these documents.  

The solution: Twinview's innovative navigation features and secure repository provide building owners with a comprehensive document management solution. Designed for the property sector, users can effortlessly retrieve up-to-date asset information and, as a result, make smarter, more informed decisions. Twinview allows users to view their property data in all one place, anytime, anywhere from any device connected to the internet. Twinview's integrated document vault securely stores all your building's information productively in the cloud, meaning your data is safe and protected from cyber-attacks. 


The problem: Unbudgeted Expenses and Unplanned Maintenance

Buildings and their assets require an extensive amount of upkeep. Even modern buildings in tip-notch shape need regular and routine maintenance. Deferring maintenance work has been found to damage a building's integrity and often leads to unbudgeted, costly and disruptive repairs further down the line. A lack of maintenance efficiency and the condition of assets can not only negatively impact tenant experience, but the resale value of a property can also be lessened.

The solution: Unbudgeted expenses and the condition of assets are easily identified with Twinview dashboards and their connected IoT devices. Twinview allows teams to strategically make cost-conscious decisions that effectively uphold facilities maintenance. Facilities managers can feel assured as maintenance issues are flagged when an asset requires maintenance ahead of breaking down. As a result, facilities management teams can proactively identify problems before they arise, minimising downtime. By reducing downtime periods with scheduled maintenance, companies can achieve high production rates, which results in more profit. In addition, facilities teams can schedule maintenance when it is both time and cost effective, ensuring the building continues to run smoothly and tenants remain assured in their building and its management. 


The problem: Increasing Legislation and Compliance Regulations 

This decade will mark the beginning of long overdue regulatory reform for the built environment. With the introduction of the Building Safety Act and the drive to meet net-zero targets, the industry can expect huge transformations to building safety and sustainability laws. Managing such changes falls to the key players of every building. Keeping up to date with new introductions and adaptions can take time to manage, nevertheless is crucial to the safety of people and our responsibility to the planet. 

The solution: Twinview has been developed to assist the built environment in adapting to these changes and industry shifts. Twinview provides the solutions to meet these compliance and regulation adoptions and keeps owners and management updated with the latest regulatory news and Government updates. 


The problem: Lack of communication between tenants, owners and management 

Efficient facilities management creates a safe and comfortable work environment for employees. In recent years, many companies have adopted hybrid working models resulting in new employee expectations and requirements and a communication breakdown. This is because, traditionally, tenants could easily bring building issues to management's attention on-site. With increased pressure to boost tenant experience, communication between facilities managers and occupiers has never been so important. 

The solution: Twinview encourages collaboration between owners, operations, and occupiers. Building problems are resolved productively using Twinview's built-in ticketing system and integrated tenant experience app by facilitating communication. As a result, each party can work together to keep everyone in the building updated and assured of the status of issues or work happening on-site. 


Year after year, the team behind Twinview develop, prioritise and integrate features that further drive operational efficiencies and transform data silos into actionable insights. Built to encompass the entirety of a building's life cycle via a digital golden thread, Twinview renders real-time data transparency and complete building overviews that allow users to navigate and overcome stagnated building problems. 

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