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04 Apr 2022 | Industry Insights

How does Twinview use advanced reporting to improve space utilisation?

How does Twinview use advanced reporting to improve space utilisation?

What is advanced reporting?

Advanced reporting is a way of feeding information to building owners, giving them a greater understanding of how their building is operating. Twinview provides flexible reporting ensuring regular updates and analysis of building performance to all stakeholders.

How does Twinview use advanced reporting?

Using the reporting feature, building owners can achieve improved space utilisation by utilising design options and editing the 3D model of their building.

Twinview offers the capability for users to report on how different spaces are used throughout a building, in turn, allowing them to make more informed decisions on how best to utilise the spaces. Doing so can lead to reduced costs and increased productivity of the workforce.

Design options

Using the design options feature, users can make changes within the 3D model of their building to see how the space will function before implementing any changes live. This is a key feature of digital twins and Twinview in particular.

3D model

Twinview provides your operations team with access to a 3D model of your property. This enables them to explore the building and its assets in a virtual space that exactly mimics its physical representation.

Within the 3D model, users can save different variations such as room layouts or by simply moving assets around the building.

Easily pick up assets in a space and move them around to see how they will function and whether it fits before deciding to implement them for real.

Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector connecting building systems’ data to a 3D model viewed on a single dashboard. Twinview is committed to delivering value and making a positive difference in your business. Learn how Twinview can optimise operational performance, reduce carbon, increase productivity and improve space utilisation.

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