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18 Feb 2022 | Industry Insights

How can QR codes and Bluetooth Beacons enhance my building's operations?

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How can QR codes and Bluetooth Beacons enhance my building's operations?

Twinview improves the lives of building owners and facility managers by giving them the tools to optimise building performance whilst also increasing the productivity of the workforce. This is made possible through the utilisation of QR codes and Bluetooth beacons.

Managing building operations and maintenance can be challenging since facility managers are responsible for a range of building systems. Building data and as-built information tends to be stored away in a physical format which can render them inaccessible in most scenarios. Twinview aims to simplify building operations by storing all building information digitally on a single platform that is easily accessible.

How does Twinview utilise QR codes?

Twinview recognises the power of QR codes, and the impact they can have on improving a building’s operations. Our mobile app provides a very powerful tool in the shape of a QR code scanner and manager, giving users the ability to deploy QR codes across all of a building’s assets, spaces and equipment.

The user can recall asset data instantly by simply pointing a camera at a discreet QR code that is attached to any type of equipment. IoT-enabled sensors placed around a building produces live data streams relating to particular assets and this information can be accessed quickly and easily by using QR codes.

Bluetooth Beacon

How does Twinview utilise Bluetooth beacons?

Twinview has built-in Bluetooth beacon support which opens up exciting features such as automatic location and the tracking of assets. By strategically placing Bluetooth-compatible beacons around the spaces in a building, users can track a variety of metrics such as which assets are located in particular areas e.g. the boiler room.

Building operators can also track the number of people in a room/building which can provide insights for improving space utilisation and reducing costs.

What are the benefits of using QR codes and Bluetooth beacons?

The use of QR codes and Bluetooth beacons presents many operational benefits to property owners and managers.

  • Speed up workflow – The ability to instantly access asset data ensures that users can spend time prioritising and working on other tasks rather than searching manually for information.
  • Access asset information on the go – Twinview makes it easy for users to access the information they need most. Rather than log into Twinview via a browser or tablet, facility managers can use our mobile app and find information whenever and wherever they want.
Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector connecting building systems’ data to a 3D model viewed on a single dashboard. Twinview is committed to delivering value and making a positive difference to your business. Learn how Twinview can optimise operational performance, reduce carbon, increase productivity and improve space utilisation.

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