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20 Jan 2021 | Industry Insights

Digital trends in a post-pandemic world

We are used to change in the digital age, but few of us could have predicted the changes and upheaval that the global pandemic has brought. The pandemic has completely changed how many of us live and work and some of these changes may be permanent.

Recent research has identified technology trends for 2021 which fall into three themes:


People are our most precious assets. Many people are now working remotely, across business either individually or in teams. The people theme explores people’s behaviours, experience and privacy.


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Location independence

New ways of working mean that employees, customers, suppliers and everyone across the business ecosystem can be located anywhere. The location theme addresses the technology shifts that are driving a distributed cloud structure that facilitates anywhere operations in business.

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Resilient delivery

This theme is about having the ability to adapt or pivot. Business must be flexible using sophisticated technologies such as AI to respond to a data-driven world.


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