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13 Jul 2021 | Industry Insights

Are FM's slow to adopt new tech?

A number of recent surveys have revealed some contradictory findings to the FM industry’s approach to technology.

Property services specialist DMA Group found that more than two-thirds of facilities management professionals said they felt confident knowing where smart tech could save money, time and improve service delivery quality. Surprisingly, only over a quarter reported that their organisation is currently reaping the rewards of smart technology.

FM’s were asked about their knowledge and experience with ‘smart building’ systems as well as the extent to which systems are understood and used within their companies. 77% agreed that the FM industry is lagging behind when it comes to adopting smart technology.

The Connected Enterprise report by Sigma Dynamics revealed that 71% of C-suite executives and directors are sceptical about implementing new business technology which might provide a reason for the slow uptake mentioned previously. However, a fifth of those believe they will need to implement more technology simply to remain competitive.

A missed opportunity

The findings suggest that facility managers are understanding of smart tech and the benefits it has to offer although many of their companies are not taking advantage of the opportunity. Steve McGregor, DMA Group MD, said: “FM suppliers have a real opportunity to seize technology to drive transformational efficiency gains whilst also delivering great customer service.

“The challenges in the industry are as complex as they have ever been, and digital transformation can connect the dots between the vast quantities of data across the built environment. Leveraging the full value of that knowledge, digitalisation will provide customers with real-time performance management, from simple dashboards and key performance indicator reporting to the potentially more complex initiation of automated remedial responses.”

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