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22 Sep 2021 | Industry Insights

A convenient way to manage your carbon footprint

The property sector is facing its biggest ever period of change with governments from all over the world setting net-zero targets in an effort to decarbonise our cities. Alongside this, the workspace is evolving as people require safe and flexible spaces which do not impact on the environment.

Energy costs are rising meaning buildings are becoming increasingly expensive to run and as the largest user of carbon, they have a significant impact on our planet. The Twinview digital twin was developed specifically for the property sector and provides a solution to the climate crisis. 

With accurate, up-to-date monitoring of a building’s systems including lighting, heating and cooling, Twinview utilises technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict energy consumption, enabling a building to achieve optimal performance whilst also reducing costs. 

Twinview is hosted on a cloud-based platform ensuring that a building’s data can be easily accessible from anywhere on any device with access to thousands of assets at the click of a button. The Twinview platform is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile which makes it perfect for the digital transformation of facilities management. 

By making your building’s asset information easily accessible, Twinview improves the efficiency of managing a building which, in turn, inevitably improves the occupier experience too. 

Access easy-to-use customisable dashboards that display the information most important to you as well as monitoring individual building or entire portfolio performance. By understanding the details of how space within a building is used, decision makers can reduce vacancy and ultimately achieve major reductions in real estate expenses and carbon emissions. 

Twinview is a browser-based digital twin platform for the property sector connecting building systems’ data to a 3D model viewed on a single dashboard. Twinview becomes your first step to achieving Net Zero by providing continuous live data and an optimised building performance whilst reducing costs and improving the user experience. Book a demo today.