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Capture is an information management toolkit that sits on top of the already powerful Twinview platform.

It replaces the manual process of defining, collating, validating and delivering asset information on your project. Whether using a defined schema such as BS1192:4 (COBie) or a custom deliverable, Twinview makes it easy using an intuitive, fully collaborative process.

With built-in classification manager, automated rule-set based data validation, AIR automation, query sets and document production, it is a powerful tool for any information manager.

How it works

Define asset information requirements

The information manager can define the projects AIR and select who is responsible for what data and at what stage of the project. Twinview then distributes these responsibilities appropriately by consultant or individual.


Twinview sends each consultant a login to populate their data as defined in the AIR using an intuitive and user-friendly web-based interface. Twinview then automatically assesses and validates that the data is in the correct format and type as defined by the AIR.


At any point in the project, the information manager can view a live dashboard of the data's current status for the defined stages, which can be filtered down to individuals. A full audit log is retained of who provided each piece of metadata.

Manage & Export

Once the data is 100% complete, it can be locked down by the information manager, which populates the data back into the model. A COBie (BS1192:4) file can then be exported from Twinview with a single click.

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