WEBINAR: Field App Demo

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Co-founder, Adam Ward, demos the new Field app from Twinview. With Field, you can control your building from your smartphone to ensure its performance and energy use is optimised and sustainable.

We have launched two new innovative features in January 2021 to provide even more tools for building owners and operators to optimise building performance to improve business outcomes. 

Twinview Field

Twinview field is the new Mobile app for Twinview giving access to the same features available on the desktop, including Access, Manage, Monitor and Capture. With Field, you have your asset data available at your fingertips, including all documents and asset data. 

You can now raise tickets and issues directly in the mobile app, use your mobile phone camera to attach a photo and view real-time data streams. With Capture enabled, you can undertake surveys and data collection while in the Field.

A QR code scanner allows you to link asset information on site. Bluetooth Beacons will enable the app to be ‘location-aware’ inside your building to access assets nearest to you specifically.

Twinview Dashboards

The Dashboard update allows users to view data across multiple projects at an organisation level and the ability for users to create custom dashboards inside of Twinview. 

Dashboards are created from the project screen using configurable widgets from our library and developing custom widgets.