The digital twin for the whole lifespan of a project.

Our platform has been designed to support all stages and all parties of a construction or renovation project from concept to operation.

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Digital Delivery

Information Co-Ordination
Establish your AIR information deliverables and responsibilities for the project team.

Information Management
Centralise all your building information.

Model Management
View any model without the need for native software.

Centralise all your building information by connecting documentation to assets within your digital twin.

O&M Collation
Connect O&M’s to maintainable assets within your digital twin.

Digital Handover

Transform Building Handover
Handover a compliant operationally ready Digital Twin.

O&M Management
Synchronise documentation with maintainable assets.

Model Viewer
Query and interrogate your model using intuitive visual tools.

Validate your AIR (Asset Information Requirements) deliverables and hand over a compliant AIM (Asset Information Model).

Operationally Ready
Connect to any BMS (Building Management System) or IoT (Internet of Things) sensor network.

Data Vault
Store all your building data in a centralised data vault.

Building Operations

Validate Operational Design
Connect to energy-intensive systems via your BMS.

Maximise Asset Value
Manage facilities with an in-built compliant CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system.

Enhanced IoT
Connect sensors to understand the dynamic nature of your facility.

BI & Dashboards
Build visually rich dashboards and create building intelligence.

Document Management
Connect documents to your Digital Twin with enhanced search.

SMART Facilities Management
Implement predictive facilities management across the building.

Building Intelligence

Event-driven actions
Define the conditions which trigger events.

Use webhooks and APIs to provide system interoperability.

Manage and Control
Make interventions and control operational processes.

Industry Standards
Maintain integrity and well-labelled data.

AI & ML Analysis
Be ready for advanced analytics with an AI-compliant dataset.

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