Optimising property value by reducing energy use and enhancing user experience

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Real estate and the needs of its occupants are changing...

The global real estate market began to evolve as we moved into the 21st century, however the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the change in needs for occupiers. As a result, we must provide flexible, innovative and cost-effective space whilst achieving net zero carbon targets demanded by triode using buildings and government.

Optimisation of systems and maintenance can save 10-20% of the total energy consumed in office buildings.

Tenants require adaptable spaces which can respond quickly to their changing needs. The app generation want to easily connect to the building community and have control and understanding of their environment. They expect exceptional energy performance and digital services at their fingertips.

At the same time if investors are to maximise returns from their portfolio, they need to be confident they are optimising energy management and asset performance whilst balancing this with the needs of tenants.

Systems in buildings can be sophisticated yet inaccessible and disconnected. Performance data is difficult to access which is preventing continuous optimisation and Families Management functions are disconnected from building users resulting in little performance feedback.

Building Management Systems are operated by specialists with sporadic monitoring and adjustment, this means that energy use is efficient and that the tenant experience can be inconsistent.

Today, digital asset information is readily available for operational buildings. Twinview uses the power of the cloud to give ample access to data rich 3D representations of a building, it also overlays facilities management and performance data viewable via a configurable dashboard.

A mobile application provides both facilities managers and tenants access to appropriate levels of information and control. For example, the technical team can control an air handling unit on a mobile device whilst a tenant can call the lift of book a meeting room.

We believe Twinview provides access and control of real estate to ensure buildings are optimised for maximum performance and tenant well-being.