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Oct 21 | Team

Twinview welcomes Armin, our new Chief Commercial Officer

Twinview is delighted to introduce Armin Talic, who joins as CCO.
We caught up with Armin to ask him a few questions and find out how his first couple of weeks have gone.

Tell us a bit about yourself and any previous experience before joining Twinview.
I’ve had a varied background by design. Before I had any real concept of the cost of University, I aspired to complete an Architecture degree… then the reality of 7 years of fees set in, and I pivoted to computing. I graduated from Northumbria with a degree in Computer Science, leading to a 4-year stint at Apple, focusing on B2B in the region. I moved to KOMODO, a boutique digital product agency, to gain domain experience in software research, design and engineering. I met Adam and Rob as clients in the first instance, where I grew to like what they were working on at SPACE and how they were doing it, so after almost nine years as a director and shareholder in KOMODO, I decided to start a new chapter by joining Twinview.

How have you found your first few weeks working at Twinview?
I’ve had a warm welcome from the teams across each business which has helped me settle in. It’s been a whirlwind start; demos in week one, a conference in New York in week two and then one in Manchester in week three. I can appreciate the size of the challenge and the opportunity it presents. It’s been a mindset shift. I went from a team where I had a shareholder role and admin access to every system to now having to go through departments. It’s more of a help than a hindrance. I can focus on my role and responsibilities rather than getting wrapped up in things outside my remit.

So far, what have you enjoyed most about your new role?
Twinview is an excellent product that generates real value for building owners and operators. With the product essentially feature complete and in such a robust position, I can concentrate on raising awareness in the market and helping people implement Twinview into their construction and property lifecycle. In a commercial role, ½ the battle is having an excellent product to sell… and I have that on day one.

Do you have any advice for those interested in working within the industry?
I’ve always found having experience and skills in varied disciplines whilst maintaining an expert level of practical ability in a specific discipline has helped me progress in my career. In short, specialise in some generalist awareness and capability. The jobs market is never easy, so figure out a way to get your CV to the top of the pile. Ensure your LinkedIn account is up-to-date and well-structured, and show initiative in approaching the business.

Welcome to the team Armin!
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