09 Sep 2022 | Insights

Twinview and Document Management

Tasks once considered tedious and menial are now being transformed by technology trends that similarly catapult several other business processes into the future.

Fueling the concept of a smart building, contemporary Document Management Systems(DMS) are reshaping how owners and facility managers collate and utilise their building's information. Each party benefits from increased access, faster retrieval speeds and storage structures that avoid data soiling without jeopardising security or intellectual property.

A matter of particular interest to the built environment is the Governments introduction of new provisions detailing the conditions relating to the digital Golden Thread of information. This Golden Thread of information will be a repository of centralised digital record-keeping for compliance data. Readily available to appropriate personnel, this single source of truth will hold all necessary documentation acquired throughout a building's lifecycle. Thankfully for those affected by the incoming legislation, modern digital DMS can store everything in one accessible location whilst generating and updating data in real-time. 

The world of technology is forever reinventing itself. For this reason, finding and using a scalable platform is crucial. Building and business owners, operations and facility managers should all consider not just their current needs but also those of the future. As remote working endures, advancements in cyber security continue, and digital ecosystems evolve; impending technological advances and DMS scalability will become fundamental in how we store our information. 

With all this considered, the future of document management systems is arguably a digital twin- a scalable technology solution that can do all this and more.

Twinview's innovative navigation features and secure repository provide building owners with a comprehensive document management solution. Designed for the property sector, users can effortlessly retrieve up-to-date asset information and, as a result, make smarter, more informed decisions. 

Twinview is an easy-to-implement, scalable platform that allows users to view their property data in all one place, anytime, anywhere from any device connected to the internet. Twinview's integrated document vault securely stores all your building's information productively in the cloud, meaning your data is safe and protected from cyber-attacks. With customisable dashboards, Twinview users can efficiently prioritise building data and retrieve required information swiftly. Furthermore, owners, operations, and occupiers can collaborate and communicate remotely to update documents and resolve issues using Twiview's built-in ticketing system and integrated tenant experience app. Through collating, organising and referencing data during consumption, Twinview's AI calculates and suggests improvements. 

The innovative solutions don't stop there.  

Book a demo to discover how digital twin technology could benefit your building—access essential documents and building data with exceeding speed and flexibility via a secure, single source of truth. 

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