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How can Twinview help me?

Since the Grenfell disaster, multi-storey residential accommodation has come under increasing scrutiny.

The Building Safety Bill puts responsibility onto landlords to ensure that their buildings are safe for those living in them every day.

A Building Safety Regulator will enforce the legal responsibilities on duty holders.

Since the Grenfell tragedy, landlords have investigated their existing stock only to be horrified by what they uncovered.

In many buildings, combustible materials have been used, fire barriers are missing or have been installed incorrectly.

Twinview provides a golden thread on information from briefing to operation, allowing duty holders to be confident that their buildings are safe for those living in them.


How can Twinview help?

Record repairs and maintenance

Buildings change over time as their uses change. Throughout its lifetime, a property could undergo many modifications and typically the initial design information is not maintained. Twinview not only has the latest information but with the Manage module, every maintenance project is allocated and recorded. All alterations are updated in the central model providing confidence that there is a single source of truth.

Keep information up-to-date

As-built data is usually lost or, at best, out of date. Out of date information can be more dangerous than no information. Twinview provides all property information in one place such as Operation and Maintenance manuals, models and drawings that can be accessed from anywhere on a mobile device. The Manage module ensures this information is kept up-to-date.

Communicate with your tenants

With Twinview, you can connect with your tenants, keep them up-to-date with activities and give them access to the latest building information on the same mobile device. All communication is stored centrally and a ledger ensures all activity is recorded and securely stored for fixture review.

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