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What is Twinview?

The Twinview Digital Twin brings all of your property information together into a single platform allowing you to access all of your operational data with a personalised dashboard.

It connects IoT devices, FM software, O&M information to a Building Information Model, all of which can be accessed in a web browser from anywhere at any time.

Using machine learning, Twinview simulates, predicts and optimises a building's performance to reduce costs and carbon whilst improving user experience.

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Is Twinview right for me and my business?

Do more with less

Access all of your building's assets quickly and easily by search, viewing 2D drawings or in a 3D environment - all from a web browser.

Record maintenance decisions and changes easily

A digital golden thread that runs throughout your building's life cycle, monitoring all maintenance decisions and changes.

Improve your occupier experience

Take advantage of your data and improve your occupier experience. Run tests and scenarios directly in Twinview.

Reduce operational costs

Better understand your building performance to minimise waste and reduce costs.

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