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Giving you access to your building and its data on a cloud based platform using 3D digital models, 2D Sheets, data and O&M information. Twinview orchestrates relationships between all data to provide quick access to information from any device, via a web-browser.

Access your full portfolio in one area

With fully flexible user roles you can add users, grant or restrict permissions to decide who see's what at an individual level.

3D models, 2D sheets and data all synchronised

Twinview works the way you do. Giving you access to your 3D infomation, 2D Sheets and all associated data. Click on any asset on a 2D sheet and watch as Twinview instantly locates the asset in the 3D model whilst displaying its meta data.

Smart filtering & reporting

You shouldn't have to waste time finding assets manually. Twinview automatically analyses your model and classifies all elements and assets allowing you to filter by object, material or system type.

Views & design options

Twinview allows you to easily save views for quick access to specific locations in your model. You can move assets from one space to another and can create multiple design options for consultation with your stakeholders. Once a design is decided, it can be made the primary option and the single source of truth in your digital twin.

Document Vault CDE

Twinview Access has a built in CDE for Documents and O&M infomation, whether associated to an asset or not. If a documents is associated to an asset it can be tagged, meaning it then also appears as in the assets attachments. With powerful search and links to your asset data, document vault is the ideal common data envirmonent to store and manage your buildings O&M infomation.


Add and modify metadata easily

Add and Edit metadata in your model, whilst recording full activity logs.

Comprehensive roles & permission system

Create your own roles and permissions to assign to your users and organisations.

Dimension, Section and Transform Tools

Interact with your 2D or 3D data using interactive measuring and section tools.

One button BS1192:4 COBie Import & Export

You can export your building data to BS1192:4 with a single click.

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